Coco The Frenchie | Mexican Dog Fancy Dress Outfit : Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique
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Mexican Dog Fancy Dress Outfit : Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique

Mexican Dog Fancy Dress Outfit : Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique

Coco Awards : 🐷 🐷 🐷 🐷 🐷  Five Piggies


Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique have asked me to write an honest review for their ‘Mexican Serape Pet Dog’ Fancy Dress Outfit – and who better you might say!

It comes with a rainbow tunic style body which in size large fits a neck size of 14” wrapped around the neck but could be adjusted up to a 22” quite comfortably if you didn’t take the strap around the neck. The tunic runs along the back and has an underbelly strap to keep the tunic in place, it is secured by the neck straps and features a short bib with a white decorative trim.


Included is a cute little black sombrero hat with gold braid adornment and an adjustable black elastic neck strap. The hat is incredibly light, perfect for those who are not overly fussed with things on their head, and the brim can be tipped up or down for great photo opportunities!

It goes without saying that dogs should never be dressed up against their will, Coco is very comfortable with dressing up and has never ever complained, but this is an outfit that any dog who wears a coat can be comfortable with and for those pooches who are not happy wearing a hat, that can be worn loosely on the back to equal effect when slipped over the head.

Coco measures 14” at the neck, her back length is 16” and her chest is 22’. She wore a Large which is a size bigger than recommended for the average French Bulldog so the back length was quite generous but would be easily adjustable with some wundaweb hemming tape, (but do be careful not to melt the outfit!). If you do sew, it’s just a straight line with a sewing machine or by hand. I have not adjusted it for the photographs. We went for a Large because of her chunky neck and chest. Details and sizings are clear, as is the information on how to measure, but essentially most outfits are by neck size, back length and chest size.

This outfit is available on Amazon and Ebay as Rubie’s Official Mexican Serape Pet Dog Costume. Shop around and expect to pay from £12.99 upwards.

In short, it’s bright, it’s fun, it’s easy to wear – a dog can do what a dogs got to do when wearing it and Coco would recommend it! She’s going to give this outfit five little piggies – which is top marks – what’s not to love? Any dog would be a wow in this!


Keep a lookout for Boo’s Review coming soon!