Coco The Frenchie | Wonder Woman Fancy Dress Outfit : Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique
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Wonder Woman Fancy Dress Outfit : Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique

Wonder Woman Fancy Dress Outfit : Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique

Boo awards : 👻👻👻👻👻

Rubie’s Pet Shop Boutique sent us a Wonder Woman costume which turned out to be a little on the small side for Coco so we tried it on Boo!  It was a perfect fit and comes in two parts – a body which has three little velcro attachments at the chest with an attached back skirt and then a little headdress which is elasticated.  Boo was only five months old but had no concerns about putting this on (if your dog wears a coat it will feel the same and probably much lighter).  The headdress may not be tolerated by all dogs for long periods (equally some will not be bothered at all) so be kind – get your instagram photos and remove the headdress immediately if it causes any annoyance!


Boo is now 8 months old and weighs 7.75kg and the medium still just fits for now, but she is not particularly big so check all the measurements online for your own dog – you will need the neck size (as per the collar size) and back length.  You  don’t need to measure for the headdress as some will wear it under the chin and others may have it further forward with the elastic going behind the ears.  Thats up to you and what suits your dog!

The material is really light and the colours are brilliant and would certainly draw the eye in a room – it looks good with Boo’s brindle colouring although in fairness I think any dog would look super cute wearing it!

This outfit is available on Amazon and Ebay starting at around £6 for the small increasing price with size but do shop around for the best bargain and for more outfits check out Rubie’s UK link below